America in Bible Prophecy

America in Bible Prophecy

Over the past 30 years as a pastor, one question is asked more than any other: “Where is the United States of America in Bible prophecy?”

The answer is … nowhere. The most powerful nation on Earth is not found in the Bible.

The answer then begs the question, “Why not?”

I can give only two options:

  • The Bible is fake and Bible prophecy is bunk; or
  • The United States ceases to be a world power, either through political or economic collapse – both of which are the direct result of God’s judgment on America’s sin.

While so much of the world ties it’s rope to the star of America, that star is falling fast and will crash. The United States is not the answer to man’s need. Our sins are great as a nation. The normalization and promotion of every form of sexual perversion; the government subsidizing the murder of unborn babies (more than 58 million abortions since 1973, here) and then selling their organs for science; pressure on Israel to surrender its God-given land; over 16,000 murders per year; the persecution of Christians; the idolatry of greed and materialism.

God will have to apologize to the Canaanites, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians if He doesn’t destroy America.

Bind yourself to Jesus. He alone saves from the wrath of God.

The Lord is at Your right hand; He shall execute kings in the day of His wrath. He shall judge among the nations, He shall fill the places with dead bodies, He shall execute the heads of many nations (Psalm 110:5-6).


2 thoughts on “America in Bible Prophecy

  1. garyjaneq

    Pay attention famiy and friends.  Pastor Rice knows what he is talking about. He is speaking from God’s Holy Word!

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  2. Great post! God will judge the whole world, but especially America and the European nations, for unlike the Eastern nations they have had more light and exposure to the Gospel. To whom much hath been given of the same much shall be required! And trust me, America and Great Britain have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind!

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