Kiteboarding in Hood River, OR

We spent the day in the Oregon city of Hood River, which sits alongside the mighty Columbia River. The Columbia is the fourth largest river in the US and the largest emptying into the Pacific Ocean. Hood River is also known world-wide as the premier place for wind-surf sports.

The weather was warm and sunny as we stood on the sandy beach and watched sailboarders and kiteboarders. In kiteboarding, the athlete stands on a surfboard while holding a long rope attached to a giant kite, as pictured above. The wind pulls the athlete across the water and the athlete uses his personal skills to run a course or race other athletes. Sometimes the wind lifts both the board and the athlete out of the water!

The Bible says of itself: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God (Second Timothy 3:16). The word inspiration literally means to be moved along by the wind or breath. Literally, then, the Bible is a “God-breathed” book. Every single word comes directly from God as He breathed it out.

The Bible also says that its words never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by [inspired by] the Holy Spirit (Second Peter 1:21). Like a Hood River kiteboarder pulled along by the wind, the human writers of the Bible were moved and directed by the Holy Spirit. They used their own words and skills while the Holy Spirit moved, directed, and ensured the full accuracy of God’s mind from pen to paper.


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