Word of God Speak

Word of God SpeakDr Mitchell taught the Book of Romans. He’d enter the college lecture hall, have us sing “Amazing Grace” like it was a fight song, pray, and then begin to teach. He would open his Bible, set it on the pulpit, quote the text from memory and then explain each word.

A fellow student asked him once about his memorization technique. He said that he just read it again and again until “it stuck.”

Though he knew the 16 chapters of the Book of Romans word-for-word, Dr Mitchell was never without his open Bible. He taught us that no one in the pew should ever be led to think that the preacher is either the source of information or the authority figure in the pulpit. That position is reserved for God and His Word.

Over the years I’ve witnessed many pastors read a Bible verse or two on Sunday morning almost as a preliminary function, then never return to the Word of God. The Scripture is merely a religious prop for them. Then I remember Dr Mitchell’s example and wonder who is really doing the speaking.

Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law (Psalm 119:18).


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