Daniel’s Birthday

Daniel & Dad

This coming week my son turns 17 years old. I could not be more proud of Daniel and the young man he is.

From the time he was 3-weeks old until 3 years ago, Daniel and I spent nearly every single day together. He went to work with me 6 days a week, we attended week-long conferences together, planned vacations, hospital visits, and “Daniel Day” adventures. He was my constant companion until he began public school in 2013.

As long as he’s been able to talk, Daniel has vowed that he would stay with me forever. He was never going to move away or leave me. Today he has plans to attend college, move to Germany, and work for a computer gaming company. He’s decided to leave me and each day brings that reality closer.

We let our children grow up and live their own lives, fulfill their own dreams, and seek out their own destinies apart from us. We are proud yet sad as they leave us behind, trusting that the godly foundation we laid as parents will sustain them as they build their own lives upon what we taught them by word and example.

I always knew that someday he’d grow up and become his own man – separate from me, but I thought he’d wait until he was 45 or so. This reality makes my Lord’s promise, I will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) all the more precious.


One thought on “Daniel’s Birthday

  1. Thank you for sharing that dear Brother. I am persuaded that NOTHING and NOBODY will ‘stay’ with us till the end! That’s just the way it is! Of course our Lord will never leave us nor forsake us, but other than Him every other person, be it our dad, mom, brother, sister, friend or pastor they are all only as long as God gives them to be with us.

    There are some things which we have to learn from these people during our stay here on earth. And once that time is over, God will remove them. David the Psalmist said, “Lover and friend hast THOU put far from me, and mine acquaintance into darkness.” [Psalm 88:18] And THIS is something that happens to all people on the face of the earth both saved and the lost. The only person we can hope will stay with us till the end is our spouse, provided that he or she is a ‘God-fearing’ born-again child of God. Even the children we have will ultimately leave us. (Gen 2:24)

    Of course some people whom God sends into our lives remain longer than others. Even some friends by God’s grace stay with us till our death. But these are EXCEPTIONS and not the rule. I am sharing this so that none should get discouraged when people get taken away from them. Always remember that it is GOD who gives us the people in our lives (Isa 43:4) and it is the same God who takes them away. Job said, “The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD!” [Job 1:21]

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