LintIt’s everywhere. The clothes dryer. The top of the bookshelf in your bedroom. Your navel. It’s lint. I’ve read about where lint comes from, but no one can explain where it all goes.

Is there a movement to keep lint out of the landfills because there are already too many lint mountains somewhere? Is it one of the mysterious new fibers used to make clothes? Does it fill sofa cushions? Is there a recycling program for lint, and if so, what is it recycled into? New lint?

Add lint to the list of other unanswerable questions like, Why do I only have one sock when I put two in the wash? How do clothes hangers reproduce so quickly? After a shower, why use a clean towel when the one from yesterday was only used to wipe clean water from a clean body?

Some people have questions about God and why He does what He does. God reached out to His curious creation with answers. In the Bible we find many answers to our questions about Him and ourselves. We just don’t look there, or we don’t like what we read there.

There was a man in the Bible with a lot of questions. He’d had one of the worst days of anyone’s life and he wanted to know why. His friends told him that bad things happened because he was a bad guy. That didn’t ring true. Finally God spoke to him and said that if He tried to explain it, the guy wouldn’t understand. He just needed to trust Him for the unexplainable things in life.

Honest questions always have honest answers, but those answers aren’t always comprehensible. You must accept some answers by faith.

Jesus said, Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me (John 14:1).


One thought on “Lint

  1. Amen! “Our business is not to reason about it, but to bow to Holy Scripture. Our first duty is not to understand, but to believe what God has said.”
    – A.W. Pink

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