Guarding His Mouth

Guarding His Mouth

I managed a property management and real estate office for nearly a decade. One day a client kept calling and yelling profanity at me because the agent he wanted to speak to wasn’t in the office. Sid, the co-owner of the business, overheard the repeated calls. He was a typical salesman who knew how to make an ugly woman feel like a beauty queen and talk-up a run-down shack like a castle. He said to me, “The next time he calls, tell him your boss doesn’t pay you enough to listen to profanity and that when he’s willing to talk politely you’ll listen. Then hang up the phone.”

The angry client called. I gave him the little speech Sid suggested and then hung up the phone. This was repeated several times over a few minutes. Finally the client called, apologized, and politely asked me to have the agent return his call.

Not everyone who calls is friendly, and not everyone in your life is kind. People like to argue, to be right, to pridefully bully their way into places angels fear to trod. They view the man who doesn’t answer back or give-in as ignorant, wrong, or a push-over; but the Bible reminds us:

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue, keeps his soul from troubles (Proverbs 21:23). 


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