Have Faith in God

Have Faith in GodMy wife enjoys few things more than a Saturday fishing on the Columbia River. Last Friday night I said to her, “Love, we’ve been married a while now, and you’ve never taken me fishing. I’d like to go with you tomorrow morning.”

Kim put her spoon into her ice cream dish and stared at me. A moment later she picked it back up, poked it at my nose and firmly said, “Be up at 4. We leave by 4:30!

Boy was I thrilled! I hardly slept a wink all morning. I picked up the cooler of tuna fish sandwiches, carrot sticks, and Root Beer and set it in the trunk where I’d loaded the fishing gear the night before. As I started the car I was sure I could feel our mutual excitement in the cool darkness.

It was a bit before noon and neither of us had felt a bite on our lines. I woke up, yawned, and asked when we’d eat. Kim looked at her phone and then turned the boat toward Memaloose Island.

As she nudged the boat alongside the crude dock she said, “Make sure you tie a good knot in the end of the rope before we leave the boat.” I saluted and smiled a hearty “Aye, aye Captain.” She rolled her eyes and we headed for a small stand of trees.

Lunch was great. We were like two teenagers on our first date and almost in love. We talked about our dreams, found pictures in the clouds, read poetry to each other and held hands. I even got a kiss or two! She fed me a few carrot sticks before I choked and sent her into hysteric laughter. It was wonderful … until we returned to the dock.

The boat was gone.

She looked down river while I looked up. The boat was nowhere to be found. “Richard, did you tie a good tight knot in the rope?

I sure did,” I said. “And I was careful to put the knot under the tarp so it didn’t get wet.

In the same way that a good tight knot is worthless unless it’s used to tie the boat to the dock, so faith is worthless unless it’s tied to God.

Jesus said, Have faith in God (Mark 11:22).

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