Taking the Back Seat

Taking the Back SeatIt was a race to be first into the car. The last was a “rotten egg” and had to sit on “the hump.”  Remember “the hump”?  Many older cars were rear-wheel drive, and “the hump” on the floor of the back seat was the housing for the drive shaft.  Anyway, no one ever wanted to sit in the middle of the back seat.  You either sat side saddle or were forever bow-legged.

The black vinyl seat in the back of the 1969 Ford Falcon was unfriendly in so many other ways to us four children. The vinyl was hot, sticky, and there was a spot where the springs has caved in. We each had our territory carefully marked out despite being packed in so together tightly. The oft heard screams of “he touched me” were never the refrain of the Bill Gaither song!

Sometimes we imagine that God did His little bit to get history rolling, then folded His hands, sat back in His heavenly La-z-boy chair and watched what would happen next.

We picture ourselves as the captains of our destiny, penning the story of our own lives, while God is just the old man watching us from a cloud in the sky.

This same philosophy occurs in nations of the world. Yet Acts 17:26 says that God has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their habitation (see also Deut 32:8).  Note that God “determined” and “preappointed.”

Pride claims control. God has not created us as puppets, but we are proud and self-deceived if we believe that God is not actively and directly involved in the affairs of our lives and our world.


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