2016 Kenya Ministry Highlights

From July 4th through the 21st, my wife, my son in the faith, and I ministered in Kenya with my friend Pastor Isaac Mathembe, who also translated for me. Highlights included:

  • 4-full days teaching in the Berean School of Ministry, verse-by-verse through the pastoral epistles of First & Second Timothy and Titus.
  • Preaching at a day-long church conference in Kwa-Matingi for pastors and church members on the Doctrine of Election.
  • Attending a dowery celebration for a young couple.
  • Preaching about Jesus from the Old Testament story of Joseph at the Family of God Celebration Centre (Matuu).
  • Speaking at a day-long seminar on the responsibilities of church members to the local church.
  • Preaching at the Family of Christ Celebration Centre (Mutalia) on God driving Adam and Eve to “Go” from the Garden of Eden but now calling sinners to “Come” to Him in Jesus.
  • Hosting a seminar for women on using a loom to create hats for personal use and sale.
  • Visiting with the children at a kindergarten.
  • Meeting incredible and generous people, enjoying amazing Kamba foods, and sharing in the joyful enthusiasm of Bible-hungry pastors and Christians.

The Kenyan people have little in material things but over-abound in relationships. Thier acceptance, generosity, and genuine Christian faith is a beautiful example for what a nation and a people ought to be.

Click the video below to watch highlights of this ministry time in the Kambaland of Kenya.

Eagerly awaiting 2017!


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