One Who Never Changes

One Who Never ChangesFor 12 years Daniel went to work with me almost every day of his life. From the time he was a few weeks old he was my partner in crime. He played with the elderly in care homes, prayed with the dying in hospitals, sat mostly quiet in ministers’ meetings, and completed 6 years of schooling from my office floor. Then he decided he was ready to go to public school.

We stood at a long counter at the school he would attend, a counter I’d stood as a student 30 years earlier. I explained who I was, that I’d once been a student there, and how surprised I was to find three young women working behind the counter. All the office ladies had been really, really old when I was a kid. They laughed and one said, “To kids even a 20-year old is old!

The changes we face in life are seldom easy, yet change touches around us each day. None of these changes are truly within our control. The only thing we can really change is the way we think about change.

Thankfully, there is one thing in this world that never changes: I am the Lord, I do not change (Malachi 3:6). If you want to survive in a world that constantly changes, hold firmly to the One who never changes.


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