Do You Remember Me?

L – R, Theo, Me, Peter, Joshua, and an unknown boy  at the bottom.

Walking alongside busy Kangundo Road, I heard my name called in that familiar Kenyan-British accent I love. I  looked across the road and saw two young boys waving their arms as big as they could and smiling as if it was Christmas Day.

I dodged a few motorbikes taking their fares home after a busy day and stood before the boys.

Hello Richard, do you remember me?” asked the older boy.

Honestly, I didn’t.

I’m your friend Peter,” he said. I’d walked home with him from school a year earlier. This night his little brother Joshua was with him.

We hugged each other, caught up on Peter and Joshua’s adventures at school that day, and then took a few photos with two other boys who wanted to join in the reunion. It was a wonderful time.

I walked back across the highway and thought about the many people in Kangundo village and neighboring Tala who had stopped in the previous days to ask, “Do you remember me?”

Jesus told us to take the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Me (1 Corinthians 11:24, 25). The bread and the grape juice are frequent reminders of Jesus, His death, and His promised return (1 Corinthians 11:26).

In this life there are many people and things I don’t remember – and much more I’ve never known. I even easily forget Him in the busyness of the day. But one day, when I stand in Heaven before the great King, I will see Him face to face and rejoice in the One who never forgot me.


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