Parable of the Little Lamb

The Parable of the Little Lamb 10 2015Little Sarah’s eyes were temporarily blinded as she stood up next to her mom. The sun was shining this warm Fall day in the Oregon pasture where the ewe lived with the rest of the flock. She stretched after the long night of sleep and her stomach growled.

The warm air made the dew on the green grass smell more delightful than usual. She couldn’t wait to get busy on breakfast. First, however, she had to listen to her mother’s daily lecture about staying safe. Sarah nodded her head instinctively to every word, though the voice of the open field spoke louder than her mother’s voice.

Mom was done and Sarah was off and running as fast as her legs would carry her. There was so much to do, and the morning was passing much too quickly. A nibble here and a nibble there. Oh, it is so very true what they say. The grass truly is greener on the other side, she thought.

Soon the dew melted away and Sarah was thirsty. She lifted her head to find the shallow stream of cool water that trickled through the field next to where she and her mother always ate. Something was wrong. Her heart beat fast. The field looked different than she remembered and both her mother and the rest of the flock had wandered away. They had all become lost!

Sarah spent the afternoon calling for her mother as she searched in the direction she believed home must be found. As the sun slipped behind the coastal mountains, the ewe lamb had only become more separated from everything and everyone she knew.

From the other side of a big rock she heard a familiar voice. It was Farmer. He’d come to find her and take her home to Mother. She had been lost, but now was found!

Farmer carried her gently upon his shoulders and Sarah thought in a very grown-up way: I got myself lost but Farmer came looking for me. He sought me. He found me. He saved me and not myself. He alone deserves all the praise. 

For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost (Matthew 18:11).


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