What a Day

tummyhurtsfridgeAfter almost 25 years, the refrigerator died. It was Monday night when I discovered the demise of our faithful household companion and I wasn’t pleased. My plans for Tuesday would have to change and I knew that whatever happened, I didn’t have the money I’d need after not being paid several months.

I spent Tuesday morning talking to appliance repairmen, all of whom said that such an old appliance was not worth trying to resurrect. It would have to be replaced. I made the drive into town to do what I couldn’t afford.

The new refrigerator would be delivered in the afternoon. While waiting for the imminent knock at the door, my task would be to sort through everything that was quickly thawing and determine what could be saved and what needed to be thrown out; an unpleasant task.

About 1 pm came the expected knock. When I opened the door, our high-strung cat went berserk and dashed outside. She’s never been outside the house before. That fast she was gone.

It took over an hour for the delivery men to figure out how to remove the old refrigerator, then another half-hour to bring in and set up the new one. In that time there wasn’t a hint of the cat.

I wondered how the day could get worse. Then I remembered the Scripture that being Spirit-filled means giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ … (Ephesians 5:20).

Though the afternoon didn’t get any better, my attitude did. No matter what happened, God was still worthy of praise and thanks. Somehow in all the problems, God was at work blessing me and making me more like Jesus.


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