It’s No Problem

peter-kaloki-and-richard-3Peter Kaloki, or Saint Peter as I call him, pastors a church in Tala, Kenya and serves as the Director of Berean School of the Bible. Ever smiling, his reply to almost any question begins with the optimistic words, “It’s no problem.”

A few days before leaving Kenya, we had dinner with Saint Peter and his family. I asked if he’d be willing to help us with a small problem. “What can I do?” he asked.

So I said, “It’s a 2-hour drive to the airport in Nairobi and we need a ride. I was wondering if you could take the three of us and our 11 pieces of luggage to Nairobi on your motorcycle.”

“I think there’s a problem,” Peter said as the group burst out in laughter.

The apostles were doubtful that anyone could get to Heaven if rich men had a hard time making it. Jesus answered that With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). God can save anyone He chooses – and He can do anything He chooses. He created the universe in 6 days, made a 90-year old woman and a teenage virgin pregnant, and He raised the dead.

He calls His children to bring to Him in prayer our every need and concern because there is nothing too hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:17).

Click here to learn more or contribute to the Bible training of Kenyan pastors through the Berean School of Ministry.


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