Code Words

Code wordsI couldn’t help overhearing a conversation yesterday between two women in a public place.

I attended third grade back in the ancient days before text-messaging, when holding a private conversation in public required stealth. A group of us 8-year old boys in Mrs Tracy’s class became code talkers. We created a set of secret symbols which only we could decode. We could openly pass the notes we wrote, but only the guys with the code key could understand the conversation.

Our notes were full of serious secret information that third grade boys trade. Where shall we meet on the playground? What did your mom pack for your lunch? Do you think Susie is cute?

The other day at the park I listened as two women talked about religious things. The one was spewing religious words like a garden sprinkler set to high, but I could tell right away she didn’t know what they actually meant. It was like she was repeating a secret code without possessing the decoder key … and I’m doubtful she cared that her ignorance was showing. I turned to look at the two women, wondering if the other woman would call her friend’s bluff.

It’s an easy thing to fake a knowledge of the Bible and a walk with Jesus. Using religious code words hides ignorance for a while, but a discerning ear, coupled with time, usually reveals reality.

A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart (Proverbs 18:2).


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