3 + 4 = 9

3-4-9Each week I visit a local UPS Store to make a few photocopies. I have an account at the store which keeps a running total of my copies and then I pay once I’ve reached a total of 500 copies.

Today I made 30 copies and I watched as the 18 to 20 year old employee counted one-by-one in addition to the 40 already on the account. Once she reached the total of 70 I asked if she’d like to learn a trick to help her in the future. She agreed.

What is 3 plus 4?” I asked.

She hesitated before answering, “Nine.”

Another employee about the same age stepped up to the counter and said, “He tricked me with this the last time he was here.” With a big smile she announced, “It’s 8.”

This is state of education in America.

Many of us think we know the Bible much better than we do. I’ve been a pastor for 30 years and regularly encounter people who boast in their Christianity yet are Biblically ignorant. More frightfully are pastors who just as ignorant.

At Berean School of Ministry of Kenya, our goal is to raise up a generation of pastors who know the Word of God. It is through His Word that He reveals Himself to mankind. It is the Bible by which we learn His character, His acts, and His expectations.

Click here to learn more about Berean School and how you can help us train pastors to be faithful teachers of the Scriptures. We cannot continue this ministry without your support.

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).


One thought on “3 + 4 = 9

  1. Gary

    I understand the point you are making! And this is a serious condition that exists in America but I still had to laugh even though it is not something we should laugh about The ignorance of associate #2 is completely lost on her as she thinks she has the right answer. The same applies to our biblical knowledge. I have been guilty of misinterpretation more than a few times as you know. I am thankful for biblical scholars who have taught and corrected me.

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