Give Thanks to the Lord

thanksgivingSome like the white Christmas with family. Others enjoy the cemeteries, haunted houses, and monsters of Halloween. For me, my favorite holiday is Independence Day.

My hometown, Hillsboro, Oregon, puts on the largest Fourth of July parade west of the mighty Mississippi River.

I’ve attended the parade nearly every year of my 50 years. I’ve seen high school marching bands, politicians shaking hands, senior citizens strumming old washboards, horses in hats, clowns with squirting umbrellas, dogs pulling carts, policemen doing tricks on motorcycles, boy scouts riding bicycles, rodeo and dairy queens, old cars, and war veterans proudly marching alongside the American flag.

I enjoy sitting on the side of the street with my family, scanning the crowds for someone I might know, and watching the children. There’s something close to magical about children and parades.

In recent years, many entrants in the parade have taken to tossing candy to the crowd. Even adults have been known to dash into the street, elbowing five-year olds to get their hands on that mini-roll of Smarties.

The funny thing is that as the parade nears the two hour conclusion, so much candy has been thrown that the crowd begins throwing it back to the parade participants! There is so much candy that we stop appreciating the generous gift.

The solution to ingratitude is to give thanks. In America, we live in a place and a time when we have much, much more than we need or really want. We quickly become ungrateful for our bounty. When we realize how much we really have, and how easily it can be taken away by robbers or tornadoes or our own carelessness, we learn to be grateful.

Society says, “Easy come, easy go.”  I prefer to say, Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! (Psalm 106:1).



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