God is Good All the Time

god-is-good-all-the-timeYou are good, and do good; teach me Your statutes (Psalm 119:68).

What does it mean that “God is good?”

When you say, “Oh Billy, you’re sure a good boy,” we mean that Billy has done something that pleases you. But is that what the Bible means when it says God is good? Does it mean that God does things to satisfy and please us? Are we the ones who decide God’s goodness?

Think back to the first page of the Book of Genesis. Before man was made, God looked at the creation of His hand and declared it to be good (Genesis 1:10, 12, 18, 21, 25) and very good (Genesis 1:31).

A good tree produces good fruit (Matthew 7:17). Any goodness that may exist in anything is there only because it was created by a God of goodness. What He does is good because He is good. His goodness wasn’t created or decreed, it is the very nature of His eternal character.

God’s goodness means that everything that comes to His child, is good. Some people think that bad things come because Satan is in control. My friend, the God of the Bible bows to no one, and as His child, Satan has no authority over you. Those things that seem “bad” in your day are just another method of God working an unrecognized goodness in you life (Rom 8:28). It grows your faith in Him and draws you closer to Him.

God’s goodness means that there is no deficiency, fault, or more that can be done to improve upon Him or His acts. It means that all He does is perfect, so that even His judgment of sin is good!

God’s goodness means that even His wrath against sin is a revelation of His goodness. If He didn’t provide a consequence to those who are either ignorant of His will, or who purposely rebel against His will, God would not only be unjust, but He would be promoting evil. That’s why we read in Hebrews 12 that even the discipline He gives His children is a sign of His love and goodness.

God’s goodness means that while our perceptions of His works may be weak, flawed and sinful, He is not. The Lord is good (Nahum 1:7).


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