The Touch of God’s Grace

how-i-love-your-lawI hate my alarm clock. There’s hardly a day when it ding-dongs and I’m glad. I get up because if I don’t, there’s a price to pay somewhere in my day.

Sometimes the Bible is much like my alarm clock. I read it and it screeches my failure to live up to God’s perfect standard: “You’ve failed! You’ve failed!”

Shame and guilt are ordinary responses to failing God, but they must be soothed by the grace that reminds us of what God has done for us. The law of God continually accuses the sinful mind, but we delight in His law because our failure is met in Jesus. The law isn’t a motivator to “do better”, it’s a constant reminder that we need a Saviour!

Israel’s King David wrote, Oh, how I love Your law! (Psalm 119:97). Loving God’s law didn’t mean that David kept the Law perfectly or that keeping it saved his soul (Psalm 119:136, 176). Instead it meant that David knew what God said and loved it despite his inability to obey. He knew that his failures were met in God’s grace.

When God the Father laid His punishment for our sins upon Jesus, He also promised not to condemn us whose faith rests only in Jesus (Romans 8:1-2).

You know what I love? I love to be awakened at 6:10 on Saturday morning because I forgot to turn off the alarm! Of course, there’s that initial shock of being awakened, but then there’s relief that I can go back to sleep. The screeching obligation has been fully met and I can rest.

The Good News of Jesus doesn’t end once we’re saved. That screeching alarm continues to make the “Good News” forever precious to those who know the touch of God’s grace.

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