Living the Puzzle

childs-puzzleLike most children, my son played with puzzles as a small child. You may remember the kind from your own childhood.  The pieces are colorful, large, and often cut from thick slabs of paperboard or even wood and fit snugly within the boundary of an 8 by 11 inch frame.

Daniel would sit on the floor and I’d hand him one piece at a time. He wasn’t a stupid baby, but I’d hand him the pieces one-at-a-time to keep him from being overwhelmed by so many choices.

Have you ever considered that this may be how God works with us?

Most often, God reveals only one step of our faith-walk at a time, like living a puzzle. People who trust God are satisfied with His method of direction. We even find a joy in each unexpected step because it allows a glimpse into the mystery of God’s ways.

Others want to know every step, stumble, and secret in advance. They long to be prepared, but knowing every scintilla of the future is not only overwhelming, it’s burdensome.

While the children of Israel wandered on their way out of Egypt, God led and protected them by a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire throughout the night. He also gave them an insatiable supply of manna for each day. All Israel had to do was daily follow Him.

No matter how we try, we can’t out-plan God. We must focus on obedience to the heavenly vision rather than our own daydreams. And instead of praying for more data, we should be praying, “Lord, whatever Your will is for today, let it be done in me.”

Give us this day our daily bread (Matthew 6:11).


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