Poisoned Candy and Truth

post-truth-worldIn 1974, eight-year old Timothy O’Bryan died after eating a piece of poisoned candy on Halloween night.

Every year since 1974, American school children and parents are warned about taking candy from strangers because it may be poisoned, riddled with razor blades, or filled with pins or ground glass. Some hospitals even x-ray candy for free to ensure its safety.

The only problem is that there has never been a generalized poisoning of candy, apples, popcorn balls, or any other treat in the United States. Never. In the case of young Timothy O’Bryan, it was his own father who poisoned his son’s candy to collect on a large life insurance policy.

Now consider the famous Oxford English Dictionary. In 2016, editors chose as the English word of the year “post-truth.” Post-truth refers to an outright lie that is accepted by a society as truth. The dictionary adds that “objective facts are less influential … than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” In other words, ignore and deny facts, truth is what you feel or think.

Poison candy, photographed fairies, toast causes cancer and eggs produce heart attacks, killer-clowns,  dangers of fluoride, men trapped in a female body, cell phones and brain tumors … the list of fear-inducing post-truth, junk- science, urban legends, or whatever name you call the widely accepted lie, is still a lie.

For the Christian, truth is not individual, emotional, or experience-based. God is truth and He has revealed the truth in the Bible. Feelings and experiences don’t determine what is true, God does. What He says is the truth.

Jesus explained it simply when He prayed, Sanctify them by Your truth. Your Word is truth (John 17:17).


One thought on “Poisoned Candy and Truth

  1. “In the case of young Timothy O’Bryan, it was his own father who poisoned his son’s candy to collect on a large life insurance policy.”

    Though I hear such unbelievable incidents where father killed son or a mother killed her daughter, I never cease to be shattered and heart broken at such news. Surely as the Apostle said, in the Last days men shall be without ‘natural affection!” (2Tim 3:3) Or as the Master said, “Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of!” (Luke 9:55)

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