Is Your Faith A Fishy Tale?


Two deacons sat in a row boat fishing early one Sunday morning. The church bell rang and the one deacon said, “Better row to shore. It’s about time for church to begin.”

The second deacon sighed. “I can’t go to church today. My wife isn’t feeling well.”

We come up with a lot of reasons not to go to church, for instance, when we have friends or family visiting from out of town. Our visitors may not be churchgoers, and we don’t want to offend them, but when we go to church we show them our priorities. They may not accept our faith in Jesus, but at least they know what is important to us.

Invite your visitors to go to church with you. It may be exactly what they need. They may not attend with you, but that’s alright. As Christians, we are responsible for living out our faith; unbelievers are not.

Sometimes we feel that our time to visit is so limited that we want to make the most of that time together. An hour or two worshipping with other believers is a sign to your friends about the necessity of Jesus in your own life. Isn’t the importance of Jesus to you something you want your friends to know?

It’s easy to talk about how important Jesus is and how He is the love and center of your life, but when you don’t actually live that way because your friends or family are more important … it belies all the witnessing to them you’ve tried. Your faith becomes something of a fishy tale.

“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” And immediately they left their nets and followed Jesus (Matthew 4:19-20).


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