Ministry at Kwa Matingi

Richard, Benedict, Kim and Rose (4)

This is a photo of Pastor Benedict Muendo and his wife Rose. Both are 3rd year students at the Berean School of Ministry in Tala, Kenya.

Last summer I taught at a conference sponsored by Pastor Benedict. For nearly 6 hours I taught from the Bible on the Doctrines of Grace: how from eternity God chose sinners to be saved, how He saves them by grace alone, and how He keeps them saved eternally.

Pastors, bishops, and church members walked or rode for hours to attend this meeting at the Grace and Glory Fellowship Church located on the remote coffee plantation in Kwa Matingi.

The building constructed of wood scraps, tarps, and corrugated sheet metal was packed with 150 and had an overflow crowd. Adults and children sat and stood inside and out listening in both English and Swahili. We ended by singing the great hymn, To God be the Glory, despite calls for me to continue preaching.

A few days ago I received an update from Pastor Benedict. God used the conference in an amazing way to impact the community, resulting in a second congregation being organized.

Kenya is a land of unsatiated spiritual hunger. People will walk for hours to hear the gospel preached. Cults are actively taking advantage of this spiritual hunger, but Berean School of Ministry stands as a strong voice for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

I’ll be returning to Kenya this summer to continue the teaching work begun in 2014. The support you provide with prayer is invaluable. The financial gifts to fly me to Kenya are so appreciated, and the monthly support to the School of Ministry made by both Dean F and Matthew F is literally changing lives of pastors, congregations, and communities.

Thank you for remembering God’s work in Kenya.

Click here for information on the Berean School of Ministry


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