True Greatness

rivals-2There was also rivalry among them, as to which of them should be considered the greatest (Luke 22:24)

Lots of people are turned off by the level of nastiness surrounding the 2016 US presidential election. We live separated from history and we’re prone to forget that politics became the world’s most violent sport long before Clinton and Trump.

We all want to be the best and win at something. We want recognition for what we do or who we are. This is the game of politics and it was played even by the disciples of Jesus jockeying for greatness on no less than three different occasions (Matthew 18:1; Mark 9:34; Luke 9:46; 22:24).

On the evening of the Last Supper, Jesus told His disciples that one of them would betray Him. They began arguing about who would do it and then argued about which of them was the greatest. Natural progress, eh?

In the midst of their political ambition, Jesus didn’t tell them to hug each other, change their Facebook status, or riot in the streets. His way is different; greatness is about quiet service in the background rather than titles or winning.

Earlier that evening Jesus had humbly washed their feet and served them dinner. I am the One among you who serves (Luke 22:27). He’s our example of true greatness.


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