God Remains

Unlike my friend Butch drinking his cup of coffee as the sun peeks at the new day on a Florida beach, I’m sipping a cup of orange spice tea, nursing a pesky summertime cold, and peering back at the 50 years of my life.

There are many picture-perfect images of life framed in my mind, but many others that could only be described as nightmarish. None of these are accidents of time or space. Each was part of a perfectly designed plan of a loving, all-knowing, and always good God.

Thinking about it, few of my steps through life have been what I’d describe as light or easy. Even now there are challenging dangers ahead known only to me, my wife, my son, and my God. At the same time I see how every footstep in my journey has been crafted and guided by the unseen hand of my Shepherd walking alongside me.

At times He warned of obstacles ahead, and I pushed forward instead of slowing down to wait and watch. Still other times I blissfully strolled along neatly manicured pathways, unable to conjure up even the slightest hint of worry or care. In both, He never left my side.

One hundred years from now, only one in a billion of us will be remembered. You will be forgotten – and much sooner than you think. How miserable and meaningless must be the life that knows no greater and divine eternal purpose in life than simply: “I am. I was. I am no more.”

Yet my God remains ever faithful, ever present, and ever my reward.

Since his days are determined, the number of his months is with You; You have appointed his limits, so that he cannot pass (Job 14:5).


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