Letters to God

Lord, teach us to pray … (Luke 11:1).

For all our complaints, the United States Postal Service is a marvel. Each day, a postal worker picks up mail at your door and delivers it directly to any other door in the United States of America. More than 660 million pieces of mail are delivered each day in the US.

I can write a letter, make an invitation, or box a package, and the postal worker picks it up at my home and it can be delivered the very same day on the other end of the country. For my African readers, it would be the same as writing a note at your home in Kangundo, Kenya and having it delivered directly to the home of your friend in South Africa the very same day.

Post Offices even receive daily letters to God. Each letter is read and some are answered. Some letters received recently in Tampa Bay, Florida are thank you notes like this one in Florida, “God, thank you for coming into my life — and giving me Zayna.” Others are requests, “Lord, I know you are preparing a husband for me one day.” Even Jesus gets love letters: “I understand I’m your chosen land. I love you completely.” Some packages to God even contain small gifts of candy or money.

For only 49 cents, the US Postal Service makes this all possible, but messages to God can be sent without payment.

One day as Jesus finished praying to His Father, the disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. He had a way of intimately praying that was foreign to His 12 disciples. They knew fancy words and patterns, but nothing of sincerity from the heart to a personal God who loved and desired relationship.

Jesus taught them to pray by example and instruction. Have you been taught to pray? If so, do you make the most of it?


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